How to Make the Most of this Course

Modules and Topics

This course is divided into modules and topics. Modules are bigger context themes subdivided into topics when necessary, so that you can have a clearer overview and more easily find particular information you may be interested in at a given time.

Video Player Options

Please note that I am not a native English speaker (my mother tongue is Croatian). I have tried to pronounce everything as clearly as possible, but if anything remains unclear, please do let me know, and I will clarify it. In the video player you will be able to adjust the speed of the video (for example speed it up, in case the pace is too slow for you). You will also be able to choose the resolution of the video, so you can adjust it to the speed of your Internet connection to make sure everything runs smoothly.


In the "Resource" section of this course you will find links to download the B1 and B2 parts of my "CoSMass" proposal, as well as the presentation I gave at the interview in Brussels. These files are intended only for your personal use, and thus I kindly ask you not to share them with others, but to refer other potentially interested people to me. I have invested a lot of my time, as well as personal resources, to prepare this course, hoping to assemble useful information that will help researchers (particularly in EU13 countries) with their ERC application process, at an affordable price.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions related to the course and the ERC in general, I will be happy to address them all in a 45-minute online one-on-one Q&A session. You can also contact me at in case of questions or remarks.

Any feedback you may have on how to improve this course is highly welcome. If you feel there are important questions that have not been addressed in the course, please do let me know and I will try to include them in the course material. You can always contact me at

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